Brush Hog Service

Rolla-Salem Lawn Care offers brush hogging service in the Mid-Missouri area.

If you are looking for any brush clearing, tall grass mowing, pasture clearing, field mowing or any other open grass and brush control services, call Rolla-Salem Lawn Care today.

Brush hogging is a good idea if you have any sort of unmaintained land. All dead and overgrown land, if you would like to prepare hunting grounds, if you would like to prepare land for development.

Benefits of Brush Hogging

  • Clearing tall grass
  • Cutting saplings of 1″ or less in diameter
  • Maintaining overgrown pasture areas
  • Preparing land for development
  • Clearing vines, weeds, brush and other excessive plant growth

Brush hogging is recommended every 3 to 6 months to keep the tall grass and overgrowth under control. Using a brush hog service will prevent trees from becoming too large, and ultimately maintain the grass at a desired height.

When you hire Rolla-Salem Lawn Care to brush hog your land, you know you will receive our top-notch service at a very reasonable rate. Rolla-Salem Lawn Care will make the brush hogging of your property a simple process to ensure that your land is maintained to your satisfaction.