Fertilizer and Weed Control

Rolla-Salem Lawn Care has the best fertilizer and weed control program in the mid-Missouri. We offer a program that will supply the nutrients needed to your turf, and control the weeds that arise throughout the year.

Great lawns are not made overnight it takes work and maintenance to keep them looking great. With years of experience, Rolla-Salem Lawn Care has devised our own fertilizer and weed control program that will feed your lawn at the most important times of the year, and control the weeds when they arise.

A great fertilizer program will enhance root growth making your grass stronger and more resistant to weeds and lawn disease. Different types of grasses grow at different times of the year and the fertilizer timing is very important.

The grass types in Rolla and Salem, Missouri can either be warm season, or cool season grass types. Cool season grasses include Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Ryegrass. Warm season grasses are typically Zoysia or Burmuda grasses in this area.

Salem and Rolla falls in a transition growing zone where both warm season and cool seasons are able to grow. How you treat these grasses will vary tremendously.

In the springtime crabgrass will thrive coming out of winter. Crabgrass cannot survive the winter, so when it dies off in the late fall it leaves behind seeds that will wait for the warmer weather of the spring. Our springtime fertilizer contains a pre-emergent that will create a barrier over your lawn, preventing seeds from germinating. This fertilizer application is best to put down before temperatures are warm enough for crabgrass to germinate. Typically early March.

During spring broadleaf weeds, such as Dandelion, and Clover will start to grow and take over lawns. Our weedspray will be sure to take care of any broadleaf weeds that do come up during springtime. Rolla-Salem Lawn Care’s weedspray is a complete over spray of your lawn that will not damage any grass.

Don’t forget about fertilizing your cool season lawns in the fall. Our fall applications will enhance the root system of your lawn and prepare it for dormancy in winter. While the grass does not grow over the winter months, the roots are still taking up nutrients from the soil. Fall and winter fertilizer will prepare the grass for the spring, giving it a strong root system.