Leaf Removal Service

Leaf removal
Rolla, Missouri, Salem, Missouri leaf removal

Rolla Salem Lawn Care provides full service leaf removal everywhere in the Rolla, Missouri, and Salem, Missouri area.  

Leaf removal consists of removing leaves from your lawn and landscape areas.  All landscape beds will be blown out, all patios, walkways and driveways will be cleared of leaves.  All twigs and small sticks that fall from the trees will be removed.  Then, all leaves will be removed from the lawn and disposed.  We use all of our commercial equipment to make the job as quick as possible and save you money.  

Rolla Salam Lawn Care can also clean out your gutters to prevent them from being clogged so they work as they should.  Gutter cleaning will remove all leaved, dirt and debris buildup in the gutters of your home.

Removing the leaves from your lawn will prevent suffocation of your grass and allow air flow to the soil throughout winter.  This will allow your lawn to thrive when the weather warms in the spring.  Leaves left on the lawn will block sunlight from reaching the grass and kill what is underneath.  

Rolla Salem Lawn Care also provides leaf mulching.  If the leaves on your lawn are not too thick we are able to mulch them up with our mowers, leaving your lawn look like the leaves were not even there.

In the fall, during weekly mowings we will keep up on the leaves in your yard by mulching them up each visit.  This service leaves your property looking clean and free of leaves.  

Fall is also a great time of year to do a final trim on your landscape shrubs, do any weeding in the landscaping and clean up the landscape areas one last time before winter.  

And if the fall time slips by and you still need a cleanup over the winter months, we can certainly do that as well.  Anytime the weather is dry and we can get out, we will.