Fall Lawn Mowing

The fall time in Salem and Rolla, Missouri is when the leaves start falling, but do not forget about mowing your lawn. By keeping your lawn mowed at the correct height, it will promote air movement at the soil to prevent any disease and fungus come next year. Keeping your lawn mowed during the fall will remove any fall debris that is on your lawn, such as leaves, gumballs, small sticks and other unhealthy things for your lawn.

When mowing your lawn in fall it is also a perfect time to do any shrub trimming, bed cleanup and mulching to the beds. Clearing the beds of any debris will give you a head start for spring.

Even though the grass slows down in the fall the roots are still developing and the grass is still growing. Be sure to mow with sharp blades to give your lawn the cleanest cut possible. If you have your lawn mowed with Rolla-Salem Lawn Care, you know your lawn will be mowed with sharp blades each mow. We sharpen our blades everyday to make sure we are giving our lawn care customers the cleanest cut possible.

The ground in Rolla and Salem will stay moist in the fall time, so be sure to not mow the same direction every cut. Vary the way you mow the lawn each cut to prevent any indentations and ruts in the yard. Rolla-Salem Lawn Care uses this practice on all of our lawns. This gives the lawn the desired striped look, creating diamonds in the lawn as we criss cross our patter.

If you don’t have the time, we would be happy to service your lawn for you. Call any time for any of our lawn care services. We love mowing lawns, and making our customers lawns look great all year around.